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Optimized for tablets!

Bookmark This Link ➜ Mobile Sidecar℠

Supported browsers: Safari, Chrome and Opera

  1. Drag and drop the link onto your Bookmarks Bar ➜ Mobile Sidecar℠
  2. Then click it with a webpage opened.
  3. @AnnieCushing v0.9 ➜ All-in-One
  4. What's a Bookmarklet? Wikipedia: Bookmarklet

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Mobile Sidecar Dashboard

Desktop Tips

  1. Toggle your Bookmarks Bar using Cmd-shift-B

iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch Tips

  1. Install instructions for over-the-air.

Did you know in iPad Safari settings there's Always Show Bookmarks Bar?

Synchronizing option

  1. Add Mobile Sidecar℠ to your desktop browser, the one that synchronizes
  2. Choose to synchronize Bookmarks in settings of iTunes or iCloud and in settings on your device. Synchronize. Bookmarks update over the air.
  3. iPad users: Go to Safari settings and choose: Always Show Bookmarks Bar

Bookmarks on Opera Mobile for Android work perfectly! Tested with Nexus 7.

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Upgrades automatically.

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